In an exclusive location

Hamburg is a city with many faces. This includes high-priced real estate in exclusive locations such. B. on the Elbe or Outer Alster. Last year, real estate in this price range was sold for a total of over one billion euros.

Buy luxury real estate in Hamburg

Live in the heart of the city, exclusively in an urban landmark overlooking the water? Live where others go to the classical concert or take a Sunday stroll? In the beautiful Hanseatic city this is possible with the corresponding financial resources. So z. For example, last year sold a more than 200 square meter apartment in the Elbphilharmonie for 7.52 million euros, closely followed by a detached house in Harvestehude for 6.1 million euros.

In total, 1,278 properties in the premium segment were sold for around 1.2 billion euros in 2014. A year earlier, the billion mark had remained untouched with total proceeds of 943, 59 million. It was discontinued in 2014 with an increase in sales of 29.3 percent.

Exclusive condominiums on the Outer Alster are still in great demand. Last year, 386 properties with a total turnover of 354.6 million euros changed owners. In the previous year, there were still 288 properties with a total turnover of 257.8 million.

Demand for premium real estate in Hamburg continues to be at a high level and has even increased. The charm of the beautiful Hanseatic city succumb very many. Regardless of whether born or arrived here. And independent of the purse. How should it be different in our beautiful city!