Aerial photographs of real estate (photos, videos by drone )

Aerial photographs of real estate have always been very popular. Some time ago, as a picture for living rooms or kitchens – nowadays, aerial photographs of real estate are increasingly needed for real estate portals (such as Immowelt or Immobilienscout), real estate exposures, brokers, etc.

The new generation of drones or Quadrocopters and Multicopters , it has become much more cost-effective to have air-raises for real estate.

The professional drones for aerial photographs of real estate are equipped with high-performance cameras. This allows both pictures / photos or even videos of real estate to be produced. And this may look like this:

Many vendors create very high-resolution images and videos so they can be used for a variety of purposes. Meanwhile, panoramic shots from the air are also feasible, with which one can move the property even more clearly into the light.

Why take real-estate footage from the air?

There are different reasons to take up real estate (for example, residential buildings, companies / factories, public buildings) from the air.

For residential real estate, aerial photographs are mostly required for a possible sale. In addition to the indoor shots of the property, the real estate exposé can also be significantly enhanced by aerial photographs and probably also a higher purchase price (provided the pictures are well done).

Often, however, the owner simply wants to enjoy the top view of his own house (keyword “aerial view of my house”) and the photo can be printed in large format. Also this is with the aerial photographs of the drones or Multicopter possible – much easier than in the past, when one had to rely on the work of photographers from aircraft.

But also commercial real estates are increasingly photographed / filmed from above. Here too, drones are used to make the aerial photographs of the real estate. The photos and videos of the drones are then often used in image films of the company. This is a cost-effective way to present the company or the commercial property from a different perspective.

Aerial photographs for brokers

Also for real estate brokers the aerial photographs of real estate by drone offer completely new possibilities. The often very static exposés for houses, apartments and commercial properties can thus be made much more attractive. Therefore, more and more realtor drones are used for your work.

Here is a nice example of a broker-video exposé, in which also aerial photographs of the property were recorded with a drone:

What are the prizes for the Airborne drone?

There are numerous providers offering aerial photographs for real estate. The costs are quite different – after all, one must also take into account the arrival and the time on the spot. One should also always pay attention to whether the provider has a liability insurance for drones , Quadrocopter or Multicopter .

In general you can adjust to pay for a photo / picture of a property by the 100 euros. The cost varies depending on the amount of photos you take. Of course, the prices can also rise if you want to have the aerial photographs of the property from different perspectives and heights.

If you want to have a professional video of a property made by drone, the prices start at about 300 to 400 euros. The costs vary also here very strongly and of course must also include the post-production for the video etc.. Also, in most cases one or two voting sessions with the customer are taken into account (one should pay attention in any case).

Can not make real estate aerial photography by yourself?

You can … but if you want to be safe, you should definitely rely on a professional provider of aerial photographs for real estate. Why? There are numerous trips and of course you have to have the appropriate permits or if you need a flight permit for the Copter . It is therefore a good idea to hire a company for important projects, which takes care of the aerial photographs of the property (be it immovable, immoscout, a broker or a real estateexposé).

Important: When selecting the company, make sure that you have all approvals and permits, and in any case look at the references and previous photos, pictures and videos of real estate. The quality of the recordings varies considerably from provider to provider. And of course you should compare prices and costs as always.